Surrogacy - A Rewarding Experience

Friday, May 18, 2018
Surrogate Doing Ultrasound
7 Ways Surrogacy is a Rewarding Experience
Whether you're familiar with the concept of surrogacy or not, here are a plethora of benefits you may or may not have considered before.

Greater Personal Fulfillment

Choosing to become a surrogate mother is a very selfless, benevolent act that primarily serves the baby and the couple or individual whom you are helping. But surrogacy has personal benefits for you as well! Going through pregnancy, childbirth, and this great act of service for another family is a truly character-building, life-enriching experience. Successfully completing a pregnancy alone has been known to instill a greater sense of accomplishment and confidence in surrogate mothers. Add to that the gratification of knowing you are making such a profound contribution to the world, and you may find a heightened sense of fulfillment, confidence, and satisfaction with your life choices.
Surrogate Mom Exercising

More Life Connections

Women who choose to become surrogate mothers make friends for life, often viewing the baby they helped bring into the world along with the intended parents as a sort of second family. You form an unimaginable bond with these families you help along the way. Bringing a baby into the world is such an emotional, gratifying, and transcendent experience that you can't help but connect with the people you are doing this with. You start by choosing the intended parents you wish to help, then visit and connect with them throughout the pregnancy, during labor and birth, and often maintain a connection throughout the baby's growth.

Improved Healthy Habits

Prenatal and postnatal health for surrogate mothers is paramount, as it is for any pregnant woman. With the help of the surrogacy agency and doctors and nurses you work with as a surrogate mother, you'll have all the tools you could possibly need or want to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes coaching and financial support for nutrition, exercise, sleep, and other medical concerns. Healthy habits you establish in pregnancy can last beyond childbirth, extending to other areas of your life and enabling you to become a healthier, fitter person in general.

Alleviated Menstrual Woes

For some women, the process of pregnancy itself has a way of “resetting” or even “correcting” some physical imbalances in a woman's body. This may not be true for everyone. But a majority of women who have carried a successful pregnancy find that, afterward, their menstrual cramps become less intense. Some women even find that hormone levels balance out, causing a reduction in acne or other physical symptoms. Hormonal levels throughout the body and brain can readjust as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, giving you a new bright outlook on yourself.
Surrogate Mom Eating Salad

Heightened Senses

One side effect of all of the changing hormone levels during pregnancy is a change in your senses. In particular, many women report an increased sense of smell or taste during pregnancy. This is likely due to higher levels of estrogen in a pregnant woman's body. For some women, sharpened senses are the culprit behind food aversions or morning sickness, but when those troublesome symptoms pass, your favorite foods might be even more delicious than usual!

Reduced Cancer Risks

It seems that in some ways, the female body is meant to go through the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Several studies have shown that women who have undergone one or more pregnancies have a reduced risk of ovarian and breast cancer than those who have not. It could be due to the extended break your ovaries get from ovulating, or it could be due to more complicated reasons. However, the bottom line is that the more pregnancies you have and at a younger age, the more significant this statistic becomes. As a surrogate mother, a nice side benefit may be that you significantly lower your risk of certain cancers through several surrogate pregnancies.

Financial Compensation

No list of benefits for surrogate mothers would be complete without touching on the financial compensation. Due to the highly sensitive and risky nature of pregnancy in general, surrogacy agencies provide competitive compensation to these women. CSP takes great pride in offering exceptional benefits. Sufficient compensation covers prenatal and postnatal health care, hospital and childbirth fees, insurance, lost wages if applicable, childcare if applicable, travel compensation, and even a monthly allowance. You might experience some of the best health care coverage of your life while undergoing surrogate pregnancy.
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At CSP, we have assisted in over 2,500 surrogate births. We have seen the many rewarding experiences affecting not just the surrogate mothers, but also the intended parents and the babies who are coming into such loving and eager families. Our surrogate mothers report how much they love being part of these experiences and helping couples and singles to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents to a biologically related child. At CSP, we are focused on the needs of the individual and we will maintain strong, active, communicative relationships with you when you choose to become a surrogate mother.